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So Final Fantasy XV has been pretty much confirmed to have only male playable characters in the party…really, all I feel is a sense of disappointment towards Square now.

I mean, the FF series has always had a pretty high factor of female representation in their games since very early on. yeah,…

Why is it such a problem that they want to tell a story about guys?
Like- why?

No one complained that the XIII trilogy had such a big focus on female characters (Serah, Yeul, Lightning, Fang, Vanille) and now everyone complains?

Look, it is tradition that the eldest son of
the Amicitia household becomes the guard for the next King or Queen- so Gladio HAD to be a guy.
As for Prompto, Noct and him are friends from school where it s only normal for teenager to surround themselves with people of their gender.

If Nomura wants to tell a story about a group of guys, why make such a fuss over it?

No one complained about Serah and Lightning and their connection - and that it deserved a trilogy.
And now Nomura wants ONE game with a typically male group. One.

Also like you already pointed out- especially since SE always had strong and well written females - why not give them this freedom?
Type-0 was balanced, FF XIII was - X-2 was female only….

And we have Stella, Luna (which has, according to Tabata a VERY
IMPORTANT ROLE) , the dragoon lady and I bet a ton of more female charas.
Yeah they not playable but why is that so important?

This makes it sound like even the best written chara would be “useless” or not “enough” just because he or she is not playable.

Because near enough EVERY story ends up being about guys. Guys get all the representation they could ask for, and then some. And heck, I’m not even complaining that guys are getting a story…it’s just that, why does it have to be all guys? Square has proved they can integrate women into their stories just as well as men, so why turn XV into an all guy thing?

Plus, though XIII did have many female characters, there were many male characters too, Snow, Sazh, Hope, Noel. Even though they weren’t always at the helm, they were still there as a playable presence, XV doesn’t bother with that. And why is it ‘freedom’ to make the whole party male, when again, males get much more representation in just about all forms of media? How is that freedom?

And believe me, it is important that female characters be playable. Because if it weren’t important, you wouldn’t be asking why it is so important that the girls get just as much representation as the boys. And as it is with XV, saying ‘Here’s a group of guys for you to play, oh but don’t worry we made some female NPCs too’ isn’t equal.

I don’t have a problem with the male characters themselves, but it’s the fact that I know Square can include females as playable characters too, they wouldn’t have to sacrifice plot or characterization to do so, and the graphics aren’t a problem, so again, why not include just 1? Is that so hard?

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So Final Fantasy XV has been pretty much confirmed to have only male playable characters in the party…really, all I feel is a sense of disappointment towards Square now.

I mean, the FF series has always had a pretty high factor of female representation in their games since very early on. yeah, there have been more male protagonists than female, but there’ve always been a good number of female party members to choose from, and party customization has let you have all female parties in the past anyway, so that’s not too much of an issue. Plus, the females we have seen previously have all been amazingly written in one way or another, and I’ve always felt very pleased with the way girls of many different strengths and natures have been represented.

But now we get to XV which is a bunch of dudes going on a road trip, and I really need to know why? Like, did they think after the Lightning trilogy, they’d used up their female quota points for the year and could just slam-dunk four guys into a game and it’d be okay? Not to mention three of the guys look near enough Identical, I swear. And I know there are like, female main characters, Stella’s around being an antagonist…but that hardly makes up for it. Was it really that difficult for Square to just put one lady into this group of guys? 


"Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?"
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No one talks about how this was a thing that actually happened. [Full size]

Artist: J.A. Seazer, Tokyokonseigasshodan Engekijikkensitsu "Banyu-Inryoku"
Track: "わたし万物百不思議 "
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Duel 29: "Azure Paler Than the Sky"

Watashi wa Banbutsu Hyakufushigi
"I Am All the Mysteries in Creation"

Composition: J.A. Seazer Vocals: Tokyokonseigasshodan Engekijikkensitsu "Banyu-Inryoku"
Album: la fillette révolutionnaire UTENA - Tainaidokei Toshi Orrery


Please imagine

a version of Sailor Moon where Usagi sounds like Juri Arisugawa

and a version of Revolutionary Girl Utena where Juri sounds like Usagi Tsukino

you’re welcome


絶望 by みすず
permission  was given by the artist


I debated with myself on whether I wanted to get into this scene now, or next week, but realized that I’ve been far too eager to post about this to leave it until next week (though I may end up talking about it next week too).

I think this is the scene that really makes or breaks how well you’ve understood Anthy through the series. On whether you’re able to look beyond the surface of this action to what lies underneath, as the series has spent its entire run telling you to.

It’s telling you to remember that Anthy is a girl who has only ever known suffering by the hands of the world and her brother, and that she lashes out to protect herself in any way she can. It’s telling you to remember that although Anthy sometimes makes the wrong choice, it’s because she’s spent so much of her life being used by her brother, and attempting to escape from her pain, that she sometimes lacks the ability to think of how deeply she can cut into others.

Because at this moment, having watched Utena fight for her, fight so courageously and ferociously that she is breaking the plots and illusions Akio has set up around them, Anthy is terrified. Utena represents a single point of hope for her, more hope than she’s known in a long time, because she can fight and win. Yet what lies beyond that is a world Anthy has only ever known to give her suffering and hatred. She spends her life being pierced by the literal swords of humanity’s hatred…taking herself back outside of Ohtori, back amongst the people who have tortured her for so long is a difficult thought for Anthy to come to terms with. Hence why she stabs Utena. Not because it was her evil plan to betray Utena all along, but because as I’ve said before, though life with Akio is just as unfavourable, if not more so in certain aspects, than life with humans, Anthy would rather hide away and be with the danger she knows how to deal with.

Because she’s never, ever stopped being that scared little girl.

But we can continue this next Saturday~

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