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Super Highschool Level Bread Loaf: Mars-Flame-Sniper.
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Let me explain to you why this is one of my favourite moments, not only in ‘Nanami’s Egg’, but in the whole of Revolutionary Girl Utena:

Because it is made of hilarious fabulousness.

You’ve got the shoujo sparkles, the overhead lens flare and Juri looking like an elegant motherfucker. And all this is happening while she’s bowling.

This isn’t the typical super refined activity like horseback riding or tea drinking, hell, she doesn’t even get this sparkly when she’s being a badass fencing champ. Here she’s throwing a ball at a set of pins like a pro and the show ramps it up for 10 seconds of pure parody.

Even the way she says “Strike.” at the end of the clip is just fantastic,  Kotono Mitsuishi lets her voice go into just the right range of confident satisfaction, turning the aloof Juri into a smug ace.

In short, the show turned Juri into a champ of the most un-elegant sport ever and it was perfect.